Top Social Clubs In Ileogbo And How It Started


Ileogbo, the headquarters of Ayedire Local government, has some elite personalities that deemed it fit to form some social clubs and associations in the town to achieve specific goals. Some of these social clubs in Ileogbo produce some dignitaries controlling the town’s affairs.

Major Social Clubs In Ileogbo

Let us look at the five top social clubs in Ileogbo, how they started, and their achievement so far.

1. Ileogbo United Front [I.U.F.]

Ileogbo United Front (I.U.F.) is a formidable club founded in December 1965 to bring lleogbo entities together and form a forum to agitate for the town’s interest. The Front is politically and religiously neutral.

The pioneering president of the union was Mr Goke Dada from Otun’s compound between 1965 and 1968. Mr Lere Aderibigbe was the first scribe, while Chief R.A Nafiu was the first treasurer. Most of the developmental projects in the town are championed by the I.U.F. The club is renowned for spearheading projects that bring glory to the town. The club has put up three blocks of classrooms at Community High School, now Community Middle School, logo. The club made significant contributions towards building the Osun bridge and establishing Luther King’s College, lleogbo.

The club started with an initial membership of twenty-four (24) members. The club contributed by funding the construction of the Ileogbo City Hall next to the Ayedire Local Government Secretariat in lleogbo. Officially, the I.U.F. meets twice a year, in July and December, but the Executives meet every month.

Chief Goke Dada was succeeded by Prince G.A. Aderbigbe in 1969 and left the position in 1972. Chief E. A. Adegoke became the president in 1973 and served till 1978. Mr A.A. Kehinde of Alawos compound was the president between 1979 and 1986. In 1990, Chief Okunlade Adediji of Akiribawonwi’s compound was the president, and he served till 1992. After that, Dr A.B. Ogunkanmi took over from him and served till 1994.

He was succeeded by Prince Bayo Adeleye, who served till 1996. After that, Alhaji M.A. Kofoworade took over from him and served between 1996 and 1998. Alhaji J.O Falola was the president between 1998 and 2000 before handing over to Hon. Bisi Ogundiran, who left in 2002.

There was internal friction, as is expected of a progressive and virile union, and Mr J. Adeyemi Ojo was appointed as the Sole Administrator between March 2003 and December 2003. He gave the mantle back to Prince Bayo Adeleye the same year, and his tenure expired in 2005. From 2005 to 2009, Chief 1.0 Ogundeji from Ayi’s compound steered the club as president, and Engr succeeded him. Atolagbe Ajani of Aresa’s compound has served as the president to date.

2. Club Omega

Omega is a socio-elite club to bring development to the town. Apart from Ileogbo United Front, Omega Club is the sister organization that has recorded unprecedented achievements in bringing glory to the town. The Omega Club was founded in December 1981, and the pioneer President was Dr Akintayo Akintoyese.

The club holds its meetings three times a year; during the Easter period, the Ileya period, and the Annual Convention in December. The club has recorded numerous feats in the town. To the credit of this union, bursary awards of N5,000 each were disbursed to about fifty university students who are indigenes of Ileogbo. They have also procured and distributed one hundred (100) pairs of chairs and tables to Luther King’s College, Ileogbo. They have also donated materials to the health centre.

Club Omega’s history would be incomplete without acknowledging those who have piloted the union’s affairs. Mr Adesola Adedayo was the president between 1983 and 1984. He was succeeded by Mr Akinade Akanmu Ogunbiyi of Gbako’s compound. Mr Ogunbiyi left after administering the club for a year, and Mr Tunde Adedokun came on board in 1985.

Mr Adedokun was succeeded by Mr Leke Ali of Oladunwo’s compound in 1986. He, too, spent a year before Mr Jide Falola, now Hon. Justice Jide Falola of Alagba’s compound emerged and administered the club between 1988 and 1989. They invited the man from Gbako’s compound again to lead the union. Mr Ogunbiyi spent another year and gave the leadership structure to Dr Akin Akintayo, who served for a year. The man handed over to Mr Akin Ogunbiyi again, who spent four consecutive tenures of four years. That was between 1992 and 1996.

Mr Leke Ali took over from him, and he administered the club from 1997 to 2004. While leaving, he gave the club structure to Alhaji Dele Ayanboye in 2005. As a result, Alhaji Ayanboyo is the president of Omega at press time (2015).

3. Atunluse Club

The club, Atunluse, was founded around 1984. Its formation was spearheaded by Alhaji Muili Adelabu from Idiape’s compound. Alhaji Muili was the union’s chairman throughout its existence, and the union has an initial membership capacity of 35 members. It is one of the first clubs to record unprecedented achievements in Ileogbo facilitated by the sincerity of purpose, commitment, and hardworking members.

The union was responsible for maintaining many roads and constructing bridges and drainage within and outside the town to facilitate smooth transportation, especially for the conveyance of agricultural products. Bushy roads were cleared, especially the Gbongan Road from Ada Village to Gbongan.

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The club constructed about 26 bridges to make the road motorable. However, most members neglected their major occupations to develop the town (Ileogbo). Convinced by the patriotic zeal of members, the then Iwo Local Government Caretaker chairman donated a grader to Atunluse to facilitate their community service. The Agboora river and Sobo river along Gbongan road were a headache for the union linking Gbongan to lleogbo. Atunluse also assisted fully in constructing the Kudeti bridge and drainage.

Alhaji Raimi Adebyo from Eleru’s compound was the Vice-Chairman. Alhaji Agboola was the pioneer secretary, while Mr Mufutau (Mufu Orita) was the pioneer financial secretary/assistant general secretary. The late Razak Adeniran of Oosa Oloyan’s compound was the head of bricklayers within the union. Confirmed that Chief Rapheal Akanmu Nafiu and Chief Adediji Okaninde encouraged the group by donating materials to facilitate its community development service.

4. Iranlowo Club Ileogbo (I.C.I)

The club was founded in 1983. The club initially started with Chief R.A Nafiu, Late Chief Goke Dada, Dr. (now Prof.) Pade Aderibigbe, and Mr. A.O Adekiigbe are among them. Mallam O Akinbayo, Prince G.A Aderibigbe, and the late Mr A.O Aknwumi were honoured. Only citizens of lleogbo constitute membership. The club’s motto is “All for one and one for all”. They have a leader. President, Secretary, Public Relations Officer and Treasurer Chief R.A Nafiu was the pioneer leader, while the late Chief Goke Dada was the pioneer President, Mr A.O Adekiigbe was the Secretary. Mr Aksola succeeded him.

As the club is gaining coverage, so too is attracting more people. As a result, the membership was extended from seven (7) to twenty-one (21) and incorporated the wives’ wing of the club. Among its objectives are:

  • To bring the people of Ileogbo together.
  • To render help for members’ children and lleogbo citizens.
  • To unite other people in the town to fight for a common goal.

On issues that affect the town, members are allowed to join any political party, but their political affiliation should not interfere with the club’s activities. They have achieved some feats, such as promoting sons and daughters of Ileogbo for appointments (political positions or otherwise). Providing financial assistance to members and other people in the town facilitating school admission of sons and daughters of lleogbo is just the norm. At the same time, there are many others to mention.

5. Elites Youth Forum (E.Y.F)

Elites Youth Forum (E.Y.F), lleogbo is a group of sophisticated, disciplined, and progressive-minded youths from the town. The forum has a recognized and respected constitution that serves as a guide to the conduct of the members. Its main objective is to promote the progress of individual members and that of the town. The club was founded in June 2011 with the initial members of 17 elites, and the pioneering president was Mr Alli Semiu from Apena’s compound, lleogbo. He was succeeded by Mr Kehinde Kayode of Alawo’s compound.

The minimum requirement for induction or membership is a National Diploma (N.D.). The E.Y.F. has five objectives they are pursuing, among which are: maintaining unity irrespective of religion and political affiliation, raising the standard of education of the students in the town, and assisting members with job opportunities. collaborating with other progressive clubs to raise the standard of the town. They have conducted many quiz competitions for secondary school students with motivating prizes. They have also erected many signposts to correct social vices.


Other Social Clubs and Associations

Apart from the top five social clubs in Ileogbo explained above, some associations are predominantly hosted by middle and third-class indigenes of the town. They are listed below;

  1. Alaanu Club, lleogbo
  2. Iranlowo Club, lleogbo
  3. Irepodun Social Club, lleogbo
  4. Omega Club, lleogbo)
  5. Searchlight Social Club, lleogbo. Elite Youth Forum, lleogbo
  6. Our Tomorrow Counts, Social Club, lleogbo M. A. A. N. (Sound Makers Association), lleogbo 8.
  7. Oja Idi-Ogun, lleogbo
  8. lleogbo Development Forum (IDF) lleogbo
  9. Bricklayers Association, lleogbo
  10.  Egbe Olosan / Eleko lleogbo
  11. Washman Association, lleogbo Carpenters Association, lleogbo 14.
  12. Hairdressing Association, lleogbo Happiness Hairdressing Association, lleogbo 16.
  13. Ifesowapo Hairdressing Association, lleogbo Precious Hairdressing Association, lleogbo. 18.
  14. Ayedaade Planks Sellers, lleogbo. Ifedapo Youth Forum, Ilorin
  15. Olorunwa Social Club, lleogbo
  16. New Star Social Club, lleogbo
  17. Egbe Alapo, lleogbo.
  18. 24. Egbe Olounje, lleogbo.
  19. Egbe Onifu, lleogbo.
  20. LECAN, lleogbo
  21. Egbe Oniyanrin, lleogbo
  22. Egbe Eleran Maalu, lleogbo
  23. Egbe Tailor, lleogbo

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