Cheiftaincy Titles In Ileogbo

The King is the head of the traditional council. Chief R.A Nafiu (1997:48) notes: A number of traditional titles exist in the town, some are military while others are administrative for the smooth running of the town. The chieftaincy titles are normally associated with particular family, house or compounds in the town. Other compounds that do not enjoy this privilege do not aspire to the offices.


The Olu of lleogbo is the Traditional Head of the town. He presides over the proceedings of traditional council meetings. He may delegate authority to any of the chiefs under him. He represents the town in any traditional meetings in the State.

The Oosa of Ileogbo is next in rank to the Oba. He is the head of the kingmakers. He may stand-in for the Olu of Ileogbo over the traditional council meetings provided the King is not around and in such a situation, he acts within the instruction or at the express command of the King.

The Balogun of Ileogbo is a military title and a member of the Kingmakers. This title is principally reserved for Balogun’s compound that has its trace from Ekuro. The Jagun of Ileogbo is a military title and a member of the Kingmakers likewise the Olukotun of lleogbo. The Odofin of lleogbo is also a traditional title and a member of the Kingmakers. The title is conventionally reserved for Oladunwo’s compound. Otunba of Ileogbo is a chieftaincy title reserved for Apeena compound, The Aro of Ileogbo is a traditional title and a member of the Kingmakers. The rest traditional titles and kingmakers are; The Baase of Ileogbo, The Ogala of lleogbo, The Badi of lleogbo, The Ekerin of Ileogbo, The Ekarun of Ileogbo, The Waleyo of lleogbo, The Agoro of Ileogbo and The Esiki of lleogbo. The Iyalode of Ileogbo is the traditional head of the women folk. Sooko.

The Akogun of lleogbo is a traditional title likewise.
There are many Princely titles that constitute members of the traditional councils. Such titles are restricted only to the Prince They include, Mogaji of lleogbo, Moleebe, Omogbindin, Motoro Omoluberin, Omojiowa, Omoriwahu, Omolassin, Omotumwase, Omotunini The Araba of lleogbo and the Alagbas are the two prominent traditional religious titles in lleogbo. The Imam is the religious head of Muslims while the President, Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) of lleogbo Chapter, is that of the Christians There are notable Honourary Chieftaincy Titles such as the Asoju Oba (Chief R.A Nafiu) of Kanmo’s compound, Mayegun of lleogbe (Chief Adebayo Adegoke) of Onibata’s compound, Agbaakin of lleogbo, Amuludun of Ilcogbo (Chief Okunlade Adediji). Sobaloju of lleogbo, Iyalaje of lleogbo, Yeycoba of lleogbo


Women constitute the larger portion of most communities. Hence, their representation in decision making was originated from traditional politics to modern governance. Some women are amazon, marauding in the war fronts. There are some Chieftaincy titles for women in lleogbo among which are; Iyalode, Otun Iyaloja, lyalaje, Otun Iyalaje etc.

Iyalode is the queen of ladies and is a title bestowed upon the most distinguished lady in the town. She also has her lieutenants Orun, Osi, Ekerin and others just as any of the principal chiefs of the town. Some of these Iyalodes command a force of powerful warriors, and have a strong voice that can make things happen in the council of chiefs. Through the Iyalode, the women of the town can make their voices heard in municipal and other affairs. Otun Iyaloja, Iyalaje, Otun lyalaje and many more.

Iyaloja controls the market activities by making available proper information that will assist in promoting economic activities of the town. She is however submissive to the king. She reports the economic status of the town to the head of the town.

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