Ileogbo And Education: Historical Perspective

Ileogbo And Education

Ileogbo And Education. Ileogbo people used to go to the neighboring town in Iwo for education in their early years. Not until they agreed to establish a school in the community. It led to the establishment of the first school in the town, Saint Mary’s African Church School in 1938.

Primary/Elementary schools in Ileogbo

Below is the list of primary schools in Ileogbo

1. Saint Mary’s African Church School, Ileogbo

The school, Africa Primary School, Ileogbo, was brought to the town by Messers S.A. Faleke and James Kokorin in 1924. Actual schooling started officially in April 1938 with only fifteen students. The motto of the school is “Heaven’s Light, Our Guide”.

The first headmaster was Mr. D.A. Durojaye. He held that position until 1940.Mr. S.O. Fafunwa was the headmaster between January 1941 and February 1941. Mr. M.O. William took over in February and left in December of that same year. Mr. P.O. Ayeni administered the school between January 1942 and December 1942. Mr. J.B Ojumu was the headmaster from March 31st, 1943 to January 22nd, 1945. Mr. S.O. Ajediti from January 22nd, 1945 to February 10th, 1947. Mr. J.O Otu, from 1947 to January 29, 1951. Mr. S.O. Adebo from 1951 to February 21, 1952. Mr. E.A. Babatunde from January 21st, 1952 to February 11th, 1952.

Mr. S.E. Ukalom assumed the responsibility and left on December 17th, 1953. Mr. Babatunde came back and left after a year. He left on February 18th, 1954. Mr. J.O Opakanmi was Mr. from 1954 to March 31st, 1958. He gave the mantle to Mr. LO Ogunyinka, who left on January 29th, 1960. Mr. Akomolafe came and left in 1961. Mr. 1.K Fatomilola was made the headmaster in 1961 and left on April 10th, 1962. He gave the mantle back to Mr. J.O Opakanmi, who left on May 4th, 1964.

The exit of Opakanmi gave Mr. G.A Aderibigbe the opportunity in 1964 and he left on January 20th, 1967. The rest are: Mr. OO Ajiboso was in charge from January 20, 1967 to January 28, 1968.Mr. J.F. Ayanlale from 1968 to September 24th, 1973. Mr. T.G. Ogungbade from September 25th, 1973 to January 7th, 1974.

Mr. LO Oyelowo came on January 7th, 1974 and left on September 30th, 1974. Mr. AF Afolabi came on October 11th, 1974. Mr. Toogunghade came and left on January 30th, 1975. Mr. AD Gbenro came on October 5th, 1975. Mr. JO Kelande assumed the position and left in April 1976. Mr. G. Aderibbe came in 1976 and left on August 31st, 1977. Mrs. EA Ogunbiya came on September 1, 1977 and left on January 3, 1980. Mr. A.A. Adesoji was transferred to the school in 1980 and left on October 7th, 1983. Mr. FOAkande succeeded him and left on October 31st, 1984.

The pendulum of power swung to Mr. E.O. Fagbemi and he left on July 31st, 1985. Mr. 10 Alagbe came in on August 1st, 1985 and left on January 15th, 1990. He was succeeded by Mr. EO Amusan, who administered the school for a year (1/1/1991). Mr. Amusin gave the mantle of leadership to Mr. S.F. Fadipe, who governed the school for almost seven years.

He left on April 1st, 1998. Mr. Taiwo A. Owes was the headmaster between 1998 and June 2, 2000. Ileogbo managed the school for nearly eleven years (11 years) before leaving on July 31, 2011.Mr. TO Ajao succeeded him. Alhaji Ayansola Lateef succeeded Mr. Ajao. As of 2015, the headmaster is Alhaji Ayansola.

2. Methodist Primary School, Ileogbo

The school was founded in 1939. The school was first a Christian Missionary School, and the pioneer proprietor was Rev. Funmitrye from Oyo town. Mr. A. Adekingbe of Socko’s compound was the headmaster between 1976 and 1980. One Mr. Oladiran was the headmaster around 1984. Mr. Adekingbe was transferred back to the school and left after spending another three years (1989).

Others, as follows: Mr. E.A. Olaniregun was succeeded by Mr. M.O. Adebayo. Mr. B.A. Olaniregun gave the mandle to Mr. M.E. Ajeigbe. Mr. Oyeniran succeeded. Mr. Ajeigbe, The educational reshufflement produced Mr. S.A. Oyebode. He was succeeded by N.E.A. Adeleke. After Adeleke, Mr. TE Kolawole assumed the responsibility until he was succeeded by Mr. GA Adenbigbe. Mr. Me Aderibigbe was the predecessor to Mr. JA Egbetola.

He was succeeded by the first female administrator of the school, Mrs. FM Adewale. Mr. L.A. Kehinde of Alawo’s Compound followed her. One Mr. A.O. Taiwo came, and he was succeeded by Mr. Olagoke from Age’s compound. When Mr. Olagoke retired in 2013, Mr. M.O. Adebayo came in as the Headmaster, duly assisted by Mr. M.A. Yoyinoye of Idiape’s compound, Ileogbo. Mr. M.O Adebayo is the Headmaster as of 2015.

3. District Council School (D.C.) Ileogbo

The school was established in 1944 by the Native Authority of the area to be part of the educational development that was going on in other areas at that time. The primary school was initially called the Native Authority (N.A) School before it was later changed to the District Council (D.C) School, Ileogbo.

Many people have administered the school, but the information is shoddy. It will, however, be traced back to 1961, when Mr. Elujobade S.A. was the headmaster. Mr. S.A. Faramade came in 1973 and left in 1974. Mr. Faramade was succeeded by Mr. A.O. Akinwumi in 1974. Mr. Akinwumi administered the school from 1974 to 1976.

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From 1976 to 1980, Chief J.O. Ogunbiyi assumed the responsibility of monitoring the school’s affairs. One Mr. A.O. Oki came in 1980 and left in 1984. He was succeeded by Mr. E.O. Babatunde in 1984. Babatunde left in 1986 after spending almost two years there. Mr. A.O. Akinwumi resurfaced in 1986 and left in 1991. He gave the mantle to Mr. A.A. Atanda, who also spent about six years with him. He left the position in 1997. Mr. M.O. Amoo took over in 1997 and handed over to Mr. S.F. Fadipe in 1999. Mr. Fadipe was the principal between 1999 and 2008. Mr. A.O Taiwo administered the school till 2011.

Mrs. 0.0 Makinde proved what a man can do, a woman can also try. She was the headmistress from 2011 to 2012. She handed over to Mr. S.A Ojo in 2012, and Mr. Ojo was succeeded by Mr. T.O Ajao, who was transferred from Africa Primary School. The retirement of Mr. Ajao in July, 2015 produced his two assistants, Mrs. Ajayi Elizabeth and Mrs. Oloyede G.O, as the headmistress.

4. Nawar-Ud-Deen Primar School, N.U.D, Ileogbo

Nawar-Ud-Deen Ileogbo’s primary school was the first Islamic-named school to be established in Leogbo. It was founded in 1952. Mr. So Akinbayo was the pioneer headmaster. He was succeeded by Mr. Jo Ojo of Ekiti. Mr. Ile gave the mantle to one Mr. Ogunwayi and then to one Mr. EA Ojo. Mr. Ojo was succeeded by Mr. T.A. Adelabu. Mr. Adelabu handed over to Mr. S.A. Salawu.

Mr. EA Adeyemi from Oluponna was the leader as of 1985. Mr. M.A Adevemi took over from him in 1989. When Mr. Adeyemi got there, he met twenty-three teachers. He spent almost four years before he gave the mantle to Mr. D.A. Sangodele on October 1st, 1993. He was succeeded by the late Mr. E.A. Adewole. Mr. L.A. Kehinde, from Alawo’s compound, was transferred to the school in 1998. Mr. Kehinde took over on April 27th, 1998.

He left on retirement in 2008. Prince Fadipe S.O became the Headmaster on July 31st, 2008. He was there for almost two years before he handed over to Mrs. EA Fadipe on August 1, 2010. She left in 2013. Mr. K.K. Osunleye became the Headmaster on July 11th, 2013 and left on retirement in July, 2015. Mrs. S.O. Nafin is the acting head of the school.

5. Ansar-UD-Deen (A.U.D) Primary School, Ileogbo

Ansar-UD-Deen (A.U.D) Primary School, Ileogbo was established in 1951 as part of the agitations of lleogbo indigenes to cater for the academic thirst of their wards. Some of the past headmasters are listed below; Mr. Adeleye was the headmaster in 1973.

Mr. Adeleye handed over to Mr. E. O. Ogunwole in 1974. Mr. G.A. Aderibigbe succeeded him in 1975. Mr. E.A. Adewole assumed the responsibility in January 1980 and left after spending almost ten months. One of the paramount achievements of Mr. E.A Adewole was the setting up of the Parent-Teacher-Association (P.T.A.) and the first meeting of the school P.T.A. was held on February 1, 1980. Mr. Salimonu became the headmaster in November 1980 and gave the school’s administrative structure to Mr. E.O. Amusan in 1985. After spending five years, Mr. GA Sangodele succeeded him in January, 1990.

His official transfer gave the first female headmistress the chance in 1991. Mrs. DO Ajao was the headmistress between October 1991 and 1998. She handed over to a female tutor, Mrs. F. M. Adewole, who resumed office in April, 1998. She was succeeded by Mr. S.O. Fadipe in June 1999. Mr. Fadipe left in 2008 when Mr. K.A

Raji was made the headmaster of the school. Mr. SO Fadipe hind Mr. J.J Ajayi as his predecessor in 2009. Mr. J.J. Ajayi administered the school affairs until 2011 when Mr. K.K. Osunieye took over from him.

Mr. Osunileye was transferred to Nawar-Ul-Deen Primary School in 2013. His exit produced Mrs. R.O. Adisa. Mrs. Adisa was succeeded by Mr. Akanni M.O. Mr. Akanni is the school’s current headmaster (2015).

Secondary/High Schools in Ileogbo

Below are the list of Secondary/High schools in Ileogbo

1. Luther Kings College, Ileogbo

The town (lleogbo) had no secondary school to be proud of until 1975. It was reported by R.A Nafiu (1997:17) that the first practical idea of a secondary school was moved in Lagos in 1973 during a casual get-together by Messrs. Ogunkanmi of the Nigerian Army, Dr. Oyediran Ojo of the University of Lagos, Chief R.A Nafiu of Okemogba High School, Lere Aderibigbe of the Central Bank of Nigeria, Lagos, Alhaji N.A Lanipekun, a contractor in Lagos, Dr. AB Ogunkanmi and Captain Ayo Alimi.

The idea was greeted with resounding applause, but unfortunately, due to the gigantic project of Osun Bridge, the idea of a secondary school was considered an auxiliary and subsequently shelved for a while.

However, in February 1974, the late Col. Ogunkanmi and his friend promised to finance the project on behalf of the town. Hence, a bank deposit in the name of the school was opened with a sum of N41,000 This immediately led to the commencement of the necessary surveying and town planning work. The necessary documents were eventually approved in February, 1975. In August 1975, approval to open a secondary school was granted, named Luther King’s College, Lleogbo.

On September 1, 1975, Mr. R.A. Nafiu, now Chief R.A. Nafiu, a native of Kanmo’s compound, Ileogbo, duly appointed by the Central School Board, became the pioneer Principal, while the first Vice Principal was Mrs. A. Tarwo, The school was established with a total of 120 students. Fifty out of the one hundred and twenty students were living in the hostel, while seventy (70) students were admitted as day students.

The first sets of students were mostly semi-adults who had graduated and were freed as apprentices in bricklaying, driving, carpentry, and other crafts. They had struggled to get admitted into neighboring secondary schools, but were rejected because of their age.

In February 1976, the school started to be run under the state government of Oyo state. The first set of 84 students graduated in May/June 1980, and since then, the school has been competing favorably with other neighboring schools in the state.

Mr. M.O. Ajayi succeeded Chief R.A. Nafiu. Chief S.O Ogundeji from Ayi’s compound, Ileogbo, assumed the office of the principal and he was succeeded by Mr. Adegbite. Mr. Adegbite was the predecessor to Mr. Obiwusi, and Mr. Obiwusi was succeeded by Rev. 1.0 Odeshi. When Mr. Odeshi was transferred from the school, Mr. Adebisi Segun came as the principal and he was succeeded by Mr. M.O. Agbaje. Mr. A.A. Adeshina is the incumbent principal of the school.

The first head boy and head girl were Ogundiran Saidi and Odetunde Yemisi, both from Oluponna in 1975, when the school was established. Ogundeji Azeez from Ogbaagbaa and Oladeji Mariam from Olodo’s compound were the first senior boy and senior girl of the first graduating set, respectively.

Sule Salawu from Lalupon was the senior prefect in 1983. Akintunde Kehinde from Iwo was the senior prefect of the school in 1985. Sunday Adeyemo was the Senor Prefect in 1986. The late Ejigboye Taiwo, of blessed memory, was the senior prefect in 1988. Saminu Ogunleye was the president of the school, MSSN, in 1988. He was succeeded in 1989 by Ismail Saliu.

Ajuo Badirat was the senior girl in 1989. Kunle Nafiu was the Senior Prefect in 1991. Ariyibi Mutin was the senior boy in 1993, and Kolawole Wakila was the senior girl.

Adekunle Olosunde (food prefect boy), Serifat Musiliu (social). Adewole Aderonké (health girl), Akala Suliyat (food and game). Oyetoke soji (agric prefect), Bello Kolawole (librarian).In 1994, Raheem Olalekan was the senior boy, and Bello Anifat was the senior girl.

Adisa Akeem was the senior boy in 1995, and Salihu Iyabo was the senior girl. Kayode Olasunkanmi Amoo (social boy), Akangbe Ibironke (social girl) and Alani Ayodele were the social/sport directors. Akinola Adesanmi Abel (1996) succeeded Adisa Akeem. The senior girl (1996) was Ronke Aderibigbe.Olalekan Afonrinwo was the first to be made senior prefect by election in 1997. Sunday was the senior prefect in 1998.

He was succeeded by Adeleke Adedayo (1999); Kafayat (senior girl), Waheed Olarenwaju (agric/labour prefect), while Sangogbenro Waliyat Odunola from Idiomo’s compound was the agric/labour girl.

Abass Kareem became the senior boy after Dayo in 2000. Late Jelilat Ojutomori (senior girl), Kayode Esan (asis, senior prefect), Tunde Salawu (library prefect), Saheed Ajayi (food prefect), Jelili Muniru Olalekan (social prefect), Ebenezer Oyelowo (health prefect), Adeagbo Adekunle (game prefect) and Bimbo Adisa was the time keeper. Bidemi and Sulaimon Blessing were the senior boys and girls in 2001, respectively.

One, Saheed Eleko, was his assistant. The assistant head girl was Totoola Tawa. Falola Olusola was the social prefect, Aderemi Timi Gbenga (health prefect), Seyi Afonrinwo was the labour prefect, Adeyemi Kabiru was the agriculturist, and Demola was the sports prefect. Bidemi was succeeded in 2002 by Ogundeji Ayobamiji, who was also elected. Alabi Rapheal Oyebamiji was the Assistant Senior Prefect during this period (2002). The Senior Girl was Adewole Faoyoke, and the Assistant Senior Girl was Akinkunle Abiola.S alimonu Kamoli (Game Prefect), Adisa Opeyemi a.k.a. Mr. Logo (Food Prefect), Lateef Khadijat (Food Prefect Girl), and Amusan Olusola (RIP)

In 2006. Biodun Kehinde was the senior boy, and Taiwo Grace was the senior girl. He was succeeded by Avo Emeral Stude, the senior  girl, as Ogunturji. Yoghove, Anu Ruth, and Oderinate Elisha Agunhinde Folprin pawale successfully banked the sentor bay and senior girl in 2007.

Libeyeja was the senior referee in 2010, and Otegbeye Grace was the senior girl. Adekigbe Sulaiman succeeded Gboyega in 2012. Gboyega was succeeded by Ades Adesola in 2011. Oyetoke Taiwo was the senior girl. Raji Forabeon was the senior prefect in 2013, while Kehinde Adenike was the sens girl. Salawdeen Bolagi was the senior prefect in 2014, while A Sukurat was the senior girl. The current senior prefect of the school, Asafa Abdulrosheed, from Asipa compound, Alli Abeeb is the punctuality prefect. Hamzat Mariam is the senior girl. Ajayi Santi is the assistant senior boy.

2. Community High School, Ileogbo

Community High School, Ileogbo, was founded in 1982. It was the second secondary school to be established in the town. The pioneer principal of the school was Chief M.O. Ajayi from Iwo. He was succeeded by Chief S.O Ogundejt of Ayitedo’s compound, Mr. E. Afolabi, who succeeded Chief Ogundeji. The mantle of leadership was later given to Mr. G.S. Babayemi, who was transferred to the school from Ayedaade Grammar School.

Mr. Babayemi handed over to Mr. B. T. Obisesan, who administered the school from 2004 to 2012. Mr. Nafiu was the principal of the school for a while. The school was, however, reopened by the Osun State Government and renamed Community Mid School, Ileogbo. He was succeeded by Pastor LA Adegboye from Modakeke, who held school one and Mr. K. Y. Akanji, hold school two. Pastor Adegboye was succeeded by Mr. PO Olukitibi and Mrs. He Adewumi for schools one and two, respectively.

The first senior prefect of the school was Segun, popularly called Segun Noble, from the railway station along Oke Osun. He was succeeded by Lekan Isiaka Oguntunde in 1986. The trees that serve as wind brakes in the school were planted when Oguntunde Istaka was the senior prefect. He was succeeded in 1987 by Oguntayo Akc Rom Apeena’s compound. Isiaka Lasist was the Senior Prefect in 1988 and 1989.

He was succeeded by Gbenro Nafiu between 1989 and 1992. Because his set was the inst Senior Secondary Class, Gbenro was senior prefect for two terms.He was succeeded by Kamal Ajibaye in 1993. Ajibade Agboade was the senior prefect in 1994, while Omotayo was the senior girl. Iyanda Mojced was the senior prefect in Cem 1007, while Falola Idowu was the senior girl. His assistant was Amoo Segun (RIP), and the social prefect was Kehinde Abiola.

Ola Moses was the senior boy in 2000, and Adekunle Adewale was the senior prefect in 2004. In 2006, Taiwo Ojo was the senior boy. Popoota Bukola was the muel girl prefect, while Oyedele Kemi was the assistant senior girl. He was succeeded by Bello Kehinde (SP) in 2007 while Adesope Aina was the senior girl. Ogunleke Muideen was the Senior Prefect in 2008. He was followed by Gbenga Jato (2009).

Ogunyinka Sodeeq was the senior boy in 2010. In 2011, Ogunlakin Oludayo Festus was the head boy, and the senior girl was Okunola Mary. The assistant senior prefect was Atanda Samson. Akinsoji FA Adekola was the labor prefect boy. Akinkunle Kikelomo was the assistant senior girl, and Makinde Adeshewa was the laboratory school prefect.

Akano Olusegun succeeded Festus in 2012. He was succeeded by Awolowo Hammed. The present senior prefect is Adegun Quadri. A borehole was recently built for the school by one of the past iterated principals. Chief Bunmi Obisesan.

3. African Church Grammar School (KUTA/ILEOGBO)

The school was established in 1957/1958 by the African Church members of Ileogbo and Kuta. The school was initially named the African Church Secondary Modern School. It was established during the regional government, specifically under the Western  Government. The pioneer principal/headmaster was one Mr. Akanb, Kannike. His assistant was Hon. Johnson Opakanmi from Alapola’s compound. He was succeeded by Mr. Akinwumi. The A.O section has started registering candidates for the West Africa Examination Council (WAEC) and the National Examination Council (NECO).

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4. Royal Ambassador International College, Ileogbo

Royal Ambassador International College, Ileogbo, is a private citadel of learning founded in 2000 by Mr. and Mrs. Akanmu of Baase’s compound. The school commenced academic activities with multiple classes of Junior Secondary School one, two, and three. As a temporary location, academic activities began in a storey building opposite the Ayedire Local Government Secretariat in lleogbo. The students were moved to the school’s permanent site at Oke-Odo along the old Iwo road beside the defunct Alfa Omo Oba Islamic Learning School in September 2005.

The first principal of the school was Mr. Abiodun Ogunbiyi. Mr. Morakinyo, E.O. briefly acted as the principal circa 2002. The school got its official government approval certificate from the state Ministry of Education on March 11, 2003. Mr. Ajayi took over the mantle from Mr. Morakinyo as the school’s principal. Mr. Ajayi spent less time before Mr. Adeyemi Ajala succeeded him. The proprietor, Mr. M.O. Akanmu, became the principal when he retired from government assignment. He is still the principal.

The school was inspected by the West African Examination Council (WAEC) and the National Examination Council (NECO) in 2005, and the first WAEC and NECO were held in the same year.

In 2009, Nursery and Primary admissions were added.

The first senior prefect of the school was Akintayo Shina from Kanmo. He was succeeded by Adeleke Saheed from Olukohun’s compound, lleogbo, in 2005. Alli Ibraheem was his assistant. Segun Akanmu was the health prefect; Yusuf Aroyehun was the game boy. Ajao Omolara was the senior girl; her assistant was Oyalude Tope.

Adeleke Saheed was succeeded by Aminu Musiliu Ademola from Kuta. Adesina Hammed became the senior prefect in 2008. Raheem Omobolaji was the senior girl during this period. Adesina Hammed was succeeded by Fularin Toma in 2009. Alabe Funke was a de senior girl in 2009. In 2010, Olayrwola Azeez was a de senor boy. Ardea succeeded, and Bello Sekinat was the senior girl. Azeez handed over to Ogunda Yeau

In 2011, Awolowo Jelilat from Olujoguns compound was the sentor girl. Akande Alabi Funmilola was the senior girl, Tunde Abdulazecz was the SP in 2012. Adetunji Segun and Akinye Idowu were the senior boy and senior girl, respectively, in 2014. Olalekan Samuel was the sentor prefect between 2014 and 2015. Ogunbiyi Adeola was the senior girl. Alimi Abdulazcez Babatunde and Olaloto Ayo are the current senior prefect and assistant senior prefect of the school, respectively.

5. Daar-Ul-Hikmah Group Of Schools

The school is located at Oke-Odo Telemu Road along Col. Ove Ogunkanmi Road, Leogbo. It was founded by the Ileogbo branch of the Muslim Students Society of Nigeria (MSSN). The school was specifically founded to cater for the Islamic and western education demands of Muslims within and outside the Ileogbo Township. It was established on September 17, 2006.

It was revealed that thirty-five (35) students finished the first session (2006-2007). The pioneer headmaster was Mr. Adebiya Amidu, who served in that capacity from 2006 to 2010. Mr. Lawal Olayinka took over and administered the school till December, 2012. The mantle was returned to Mr. Adebiyi Amidu in 2013, and he has been the headmaster of the school till date.

The secondary was carved out in 2009. The Nursery and Primary Schools were officially approved in 2009 by the State Ministry of Education.

6. Glorious Group of Schools

Glorious Group of Schools is located within the premises of Latter Glory Evangelical Ministry Church, Ileogbo, along Kuta Road beside Hon. Ismail Ayodele Sawmill Industry. The school initially started with secondary education before nursery and secondary were later incorporated.

The school was established on September 26, 2005. The proprietor of the school is the Archbishop of Lagos, D.O. Adeyemo. The pioneer principal was Mr. Alli M. A. from Oladunwo’s compound, lleogbo. He was the principal from 2005 until October 2007. He was succeeded by Mr. Morakinyo, E.O. of Iwo. Mr. Morakinyo took the job after leaving the Royal Ambassador International College, Ileogbo. He is the school’s principal to this day.

The school was officially approved by the State Ministry of Education on November 12, 2008. The primary and secondary sections were incorporated in 2011. The first senior prefect of the school was Akinwande Abayomi. He was succeeded by Alabi Olusanmi Stephen, and the third prefect was Alli Adam, from Oladunwo’s compound, lleogbo.

7. Higherground International Academy, Ileogbo

Higherground International Academy is a nursery and primary school established in 2009 by the Rev. Dr. Bisi Johnson. The school got the approval of the state government through the Education Ministry in 2012. The motto of the school is “Education for Liberation”. The name of the proprietress is Chief Omobonike Bisi Johnson.

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