NECO 2020 Physics Practical Answer – June/July Expo

NECO Physics Practical answer 2020 Expo

NECO Physics Practical Questions Answers 2020 and Update.

NECO Practical Physics Answers:

No (1)

Physics no 1

S/N; 1|2|3|4|5|

M|g; 40.0|35.00|30.00|25.00|20.00|

θ°; 41.80|35.70|30.00|24.60|19.47|

ϕ=(90-θ°); 48.20|54.30|60.00|65.40|70.53|

Cosϕ; 0.6665|0.5835|0.5000|0.4163|0.3333|

Slope , S=Δm|g/ΔCosϕ
S= 20g/0.3332=60.024g

K=s/2 =60.024g/g= 30.012g

(i) I avoided error due to parallax when reading from the protector
(ii) I ensured that the force board is firmly and correctly clamped to the retort stand


No 1 graph

(i)The have the same magnitude/size
(ii)They can be obtained/calculated by the same means


No 1bii

T²= 9²+12²
T= √81+144
T= √225
T= 15N

No (3)
S/N; 1|2|3|4|5|

R/Ω; 2.00|4.00|6.00|8.00|10.00|

L/cm; 50.00|66.70|75.00|80.00|83.30|

B/Ω^-¹; 0.500|0.250|0.167|0.125|0.100|

Δ/cm; 1.000|0.499|0.333|0.250|0.200|

Slope ,S=ΔB/Ω^-¹/ΔΔ/cm =0.5-0.1/1.0-0.2=0.4/0.8=0.5
Slope =0.5Ω^-¹/cm

K=S^-¹= 1/5=1/0.5Ω^-¹/cm =2Ωcm

(i) I avoided error due to parallax when reading from the potentiometer
(ii) I ensured that the wire are tightly connected.


No 3 graph

(i) potentiometer give exact value of potential difference while voltmeter draws apart of the current
(ii) potentiometer can be used for measuring the internal resistance of a cell which cannot be done with voltmeter

x/R= c/100-c
x/R= 20-0/100-20
x/20= 20/80
x= 20*20/80
x= 400/80
x= 5Ω


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