NECO 2020 Agricultural Science Practical Answer – June/July Expo

NECO Agricultural Science Practical answer 2020 Expo

NECO Agricultural Science Practical Questions Answers 2020 and Update.

Specimen;A is knapsack sprayer
Specimen;B is watering can
Specimen;C is secateurs
Specimen;D is measuring tape
(i)Both are used to spray liquid
(ii)They are both operated manually
(i)Use protective clothing when spraying
(ii)Do not smoke, eat or drink when spraying
(iii)Do not use when it is windy
(i)It has a pivot
(ii)It has two handles
Gardening Shears
Woven Metallic Tape
(i)Keep in cool dry place after use
(ii)Do not drop on the ground
Specimen; E is sandy soil
Specimen; F is clay soil
Specimen; G is Loamy soil
-Physical properties of E-
(i)weak structure
(ii)poor water retention ability
-Physical properties of F-
(i)Strong structure
(ii)High water retention ability
-Physical properties of G-
(i)contain humus than sandy soils.
(ii)they have better drainage and infiltration of water.
Loam soils generally contain more nutrients, moisture , and humus than sandy soils.
Specimen E
(i)Add at least 2 inches of organic matter each year.
(ii)Grow cover crops or green manures.
Specimen F
(i)Avoid Compaction
(ii)Add organic material.
Specimen F; is rice
Specimen G; is maize
Specimen H; is Ginger
Specimen I; is orange fruit
Specimen J; is cassava
Specimen K; is pineapple
Specimen H; is biennial crop
Specimen I; is perennial crop
Specimen J; is annual crop
Specimen K; perennial crop
(i)It is used for medicinal purposes
(ii)It is used for spices in cooking
Specimen H; is vegetatively propagated from the rhizome
Specimen J; is propagated through the stem.
Specimen K; is propagated through the suckers.
Specimen J; Sugar cane plant
Specimen K; raspberry
Specimen L; is animal horn
Specimen M; is fish meal
Specimen N; is bone meal
Specimen O; is blood meal.
(i) knife Dehorning
(ii) Hot-Iron Disbudding.
(i)reduce the risk of injury and bruising to herd mates.
(ii)decrease risk of injury to farm workers.
Specimen M
(i)Provides high protein concentration to livestock
(ii)It also serve as a good source of calcium, phosphorus, and other minerals.
Specimen N
(i)It is a source of protein
(ii)It is source of calcium phosphorous, vitamin B-12
Oyster shell meal
(i)it has a total digestible nutrient (TDN) of just 10%.
(ii)it is extremely deficient in isoleucine.


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