Students’ Union Association Emergence In Ileogbo

Students' Union Association Emergence In Ileogbo

As Ileogbo was earlier founded and the year can be traced back to 1700, most people, especially youths, attend school early from primary schools to secondary and later to higher institutions. Today’s students’ union, which turns to an association in the national body, which is NANS started from grassroots and students association in each community which Ileogbo is not excluded.

Students Union

How students; unions emerge in Ileogbo and how it has benefited some people will be discussed below.

Federation of Ileogbo Students’ Union (FISU)

FISU is an umbrella body for the indigenes of lleogbo that have gained admission into any higher institutions. The members formed the union to serve as a platform through which the students in the town can be unified, interact, channel their demands, and motivate the prospective higher students towards making a good start for their academic future. The practical idea of having a viable students’ union started in 1992 when the Ileogbo Students (ISA) Association was founded.

The union first started at the University of Lagos (UNILAG) when some indigenes of Ileogbo schooling came together and founded a union for easy recognition, unity, and social agitation. Later, the national body (FISU) was inaugurated, leading to the establishment of chapters in all the higher institutions, especially in western Nigeria. Mr Olosunde is acknowledged for his administrative proficiency. He was one of the pioneers.

The union inaugurated the first duly democratically elected executives, Yomi Akomolafe (now Dr Yomi Akomolafe), Wasiu Oloyede, Sunday Ogunkumi, Buli Adedokun, Opawale Rafia, Banji Alekingbe, Bayo Gibenagunts from Otun’s compound, Morufu Adelaba, Lekan Isiaka Ogontunde. Yinka Juto, Sunday Aderibighe (Orikan) and a few others.

Since its establishment, many types of machinery (government) have led the union, but the information is sketchy as many of the union’s authorities are in diaspora. Mr Akintola Akintolu was the pioneer president of the Federation of lleogbo Students Union. Hon Ghenga Ogunkanmi was the president of the union in 1998. He was succeeded by Mr Sunday Babalola (1999). His secretary was Hon. Lamidi Adekunle. When the new election was conducted, the leadership crown fell on Flon. Sain Segun Obidele, Hon. Obidele ruled for a year before Ilori succeeded him. Ajiboye Kamoli, Hon. Tayo Akanni administered the union for a year (2002). Hon. Alabi Isreal of Oladunwo compound was his secretary.

He gave the mantle to Hon. Femi Akanmu. Hon Femi Akanmu was the president of the union in 2003. The Hon succeeded him. Lekan Afonrinwo (2004). His scribe was the Hon. Kehinde Kayode.

The union briefly experienced frictional internecine, which obliterated its existence for a time. It resulted from factions over the leadership mandate, and the interference of some adults in the town worsened the situation. Kudos to the Mayegun of Ileogbo, Chief Adebayo Adegoke of Onibaata’s compound, for his ideology and unbiased shrewdness. A letter of secession for the formation of the National Association of Ileogbo Students was written and acknowledged by 66 students, duly signed by the two members who led the secession.

They later resolved the matter. The late Mojeed Akin Oguntayo was democratically elected as the president and ruled the union in 2005. He handed over to Hon. Akanni Mufutau Adetoyese (2006). Hon. Oyelami Kabiru was his secretary. Hon succeeded Akanni Mufufau. Salawu Nasiru of Oosa’s compound in 2007. Hon. Sherif Makinde was his secretary, while Hon. Akintola Sulaimon was his treasurer.

Hon. Akintola Sulaimón Tunji became the president. Between 2011 and 2012, Hon. Akinkunle Olaniyi was elected as the president. Hon succeeded him. Adedotun Adeoye, who administered the union between 2012 and 2013. He was succeeded by Hon Oyela Adem Bom Bulogan’s compound. Ademola handed over to the Salon Mubarak Akorede (Ultimate) from Eleki’s compound, the president’s till date. Ogunleke Busayo is the Vice President. Komodide Riliwan is the P.R.O., while Lekan Popoola is the Final Secretary. Hon. Akintola Taiwo is the current Speaker. The Hon Og Oludayo Festus is the General Secretary. In the meantime, Asimi Lawal is the AGS.

Our Tomorrow Counts Social Club (OTC)

Our Tomorrow Counts is a socio-elite youth club organized on June 7, 2011. It is both religiously and politically neutral. It was registered on March 7, 2012, in Ayedire local government, lleogbo. The club was pioneered by Oticite Olayiwola Azeez (Mr Layi).

In the club’s capacity to ensure charitable service delivery, it has its members syndicated into two groups: Our Tomorrow Counts Football Club and Our Tomorrow Counts Tutorial. The club, in the past, has organized a quiz competition, a symposium, a children’s summer party, etc. OTC has also participated in many football competitions within and outside the town.

OTC streamlined many objectives, among which are

  • To eradicate teenage pregnancy
  • To eradicate child abuse
  • To foster positive relationships between all secondary schools
  • To safeguard the interests of its members and founders

The motto of OTC is “Unity is Strength,” while the slogan is “Better Tomorrow”: Oteite is the title used to address a member of the club. The club is currently operating with 15 members, of which Olayiwola Azeez is the president. Otcite Otegbeye Grace O is the Vice President. Otcite Bello Yusuf A. (Ex. Gen Sec), Otcite Opayele Hammed is the Financial Secretary, and Oteite Oyelowe Shukurat O. is the Assistant General Secretary. Other executives include Otcite Ogunlatan Festus O. as the Public Relations Officer and Ofcite Popoola Oladele as the General Secretary for OTC Football Club.

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