The Coming Of Political Parties In Ileogbo Kingdom


Political Parties In Ileogbo

PDP In Ileogbo

The coming of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) to Ayedire Local Government was simultaneous with that of its formation in other local government areas of the state and Nigeria as a whole. Precisely, the PDP as a political parties in Ileogbo is as old as the PDP in Nigeria. This is because the members who promoted the party in Ayedire were in attendance at the Sheraton Hotel, Abuja, where the party was founded in 1998.

The People’s Democratic Party was initially promoted in Ileogbo by Engr. Oguntoye Ogungboyega from Gbogbo’s compound, Alhaji Musa Bilau, Mr. Yemi Asafa and others. It was learnt that Engr. Ogungboyega confirmed his attendance at the National Congress where the party was formed on August 31, 1998 in Abuja. The pioneer PDP Chairman in Ayedire Local Government was Mr. Saka Alimi, a.k.a. “ARAB from Balogun’s Compound. He administered the party from 1998 to 1999. Alhaji Railu Abiosun from Oluponna became the party chairman. Between 1999 and 2002, he led the PDP, while Engr. Toye Ogungboyega was chosen as the party’s standard bearer for Ayedire Local Government chairman.When there was a PDP congress in 2002, Mr. Ihralicem Adeyemi, from Olukoun’s Compound, Ileogbo, emerged as the new party Chairman. He served in that capacity from 2002 to 2004. He handed over to Alhaji Ismail Salimon from Eleki’s compound, Ileogbo. He managed the party and resigned when he wanted to contest for the position of Local Government Chairman under the platform of the PDP.

The mantle of the party The chairmanship later fell to Prince Oyelakin Sikiru, who administered the party till 2012, when another congress was held. He was succeeded by Alhaji Amusan Abideen of Oluponna, who is the chairman till date.

The party lost the 1999 chairmanship election but won three out of the four councilors from Lleogbo. In 2003, PDP contested and won the chairmanship election that produced Dr. Diran Adigun of Oluponna. The State Honourable representing Ayedire won under the PDP and was from Ileogbo. During this period, three prominent state appointments were given to Leogbo. Dr. now Prof. Laide Okunola from Balogun’s compound was appointed as the Chairman of the Governing Council, Osun State Polytechnic, Iree, Chief Rapheal. Between 2003 and 2007, A Nafiu from Kanmo’s compound was the Chairman of the Teaching Service Commission (TESCOM) and Engr. Oguntoye Ogungboyega, Board Chairman, Osun State Agricultural Development Corporation (OSSADEC), all between 2003 and 2007.

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A.P.C. In Ileogbo

The Coming Of The All Progressive Congress (APC) In Ileogbo Kingdom

Action Congress of Nigeria (A.C.N), first started with the name Alliance for Democracy (A.D), which later metamorphosed into-MC ACN, Action Congress of Nigeria (A.C.N) in 2006. The party, ACN, was introduced and accepted the same year in all the local governments in the state.

The party chairman then was Chief Adeyemi Ajala. He was the chairman of the party from 2006 to 2011. He handed over to Alhaji Sabitu Ayodele Nafiu of Kanmo SSCOMPONENT. He briefly held the post before he gave the party allairs to Prince Adesoye Adedapo of Kata. The name of the party was changed to All Progressive Congress (APC) in 2013 as a result of the merger of about four political parties. The current Executive Secretary of Ayedire Local Government, Hon. Gbenga Ogunkanmi, is a member of the party. The Honourable (Hon. Leke Ogunsola) represented the local government at the state level and got the mandate under the party.

List of Compound by Political Wards in Ileogbo

Since the creation of Ayedire local government from the old Iwo local government in 1989, the town was divided into four central political wards. In a layman’s understanding, the four sides and area of the town were divided into four.



  1. Idi-Ape
  2. Abonle
  3. Lasisoye
  4. Oloya
  5. Agbaleke
  6. Yetu
  7. Ajibesin
  8. Olukolo
  9. Apele
  10. Olukohun
  11. Agbara
  12.  Alaran
  13. Oba Akinmoyero
  14. Oosa Duromapa
  15. Oosa Adegorite
  16. Apena
  17. Mojiga
  18. Oloode Isale
  19. Oba Aderibigbe
  20. Alawe
  21. Alapoola
  22. Alagbaa Olowoope
  23. Idiomo
  24. Alagbaa kadanro
  25. Okomi
  26. Alaro
  27. Alapo Ayedaade
  28. Ketu
  29. Alh. Abusi Area


  1. Olode Joko
  2. Ologbin
  3. Ajele
  4. Kobiowu
  5. Alapa
  6. Lemaamu
  7. Alape
  8. Gbako
  9. Akiribawonwi
  10. Omofonilu
  11. Seriki
  12. Aresa
  13. Alaasan
  14. Oke Odo
  15. Mokore, Iwo Road
  16. Oke Odo Telemu Rd
  17. Alagbede



  1. Ago
  2. Oosa Oloyan
  3. Baase
  4. LateetuRemove featured image
  5. Aka
  6. Elewuro
  7. Odebudo
  8. Sooko Oluromade
  9. Balogun Igbinyemi
  10. Onijayi Oja
  11. Eleeru/Ajangbokooko
  12. Olude
  13. Alawo
  14. Agbokere.
  15. Araromi
  16. Aato
  17. Oloogun
  18. Akogun
  19. Age
  20. Onijayi Abifarin
  21. Arowolo Alunku
  22. Balogun Oja
  23. Oke-Odo Station Rd



  1. Igbinje Ejemu
  2. Ayitedo
  3. Kanmo
  4. Oladunwo
  5. Asipa
  6. Olujogun
  7. Eleki
  8. Olodo
  9. Onibata
  10. Ikoyi
  11. Ayepe
  12. Tasoro
  13. Gbogbo
  14. Oluwo
  15. Gbada


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