Traditional Religion In Ileogbo


The traditional belief of the people of Ileeogbo was more pronounced in the early years of the formation of the town. Confirming the love the founding fathers have for traditional beliefs, it was learnt that the town was invaded in 1822 during the celebration of the Egungun festival. This happened during the reign of Osungbayibi. Who knows? Maybe we would have resisted the attack but were caught unprepared because of the Egungun festival!

The people of Ileogbo have a variety of traditional beliefs.

Some of the gods worshipped are Sango, Egungun, Oro, Orisa,

Ogiyan, Ogun, Esu, Oya, Osun, Ore, Ifa, etc. Each has its own Yoruba traditional origin. It was learnt that some of the gods were human beings but were deified because of their heroic exploits and accomplishments while on earth. They were thus worshipped by their admirers after their demise.

Each of these gods is worshiped with their own sacrificial item or demand.For example, Oro is worshipped with yam porridge and is mostly worshipped annually by the people of Oladunwo’s compound in Lleogbo. Sango with Ram, which is usually during the rainy season, Ogun with dog and is worshipped by hunters, drivers, and blacksmiths. Ogiyan festival is held during the new vams season and is always worshipped annually by the people of Gbogbo’s compound in Ileogbo. Egungun with Moinmoin, pap and fowl.

Egungun happens to be one of the most attractive traditional festivals every year as it has its activities scheduled and streamlined by the town traditional council. There are many of them, among which are: Egungun Apata from Olukolo’s compound; Egungun Obadimeji from Balogun’s compound; Egungun Alapasa from Aresa’s compound; Egungun Oladeebo; Ologbojo from Olujogun’s compound; Egungun Adebiopon from Seriki’s compound.

Ifa is believed to be a wise and intelligent god. This is also being worshipped by some people in the town now. They do have their own festival every year. The people are well versed in Ifa and have a unique drum for its celebration. It can be worshipped with a goat. Ore is also worshipped in the town by some people. The sacred Iroko tree is spectacular as the first setters meet the white cloth with which the tree is rapped there. The tree never sheds leaves. There are about four sacred white snakes on the tree.

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